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Translation constitutes a complicated metalinguistic process which is not in the least limited to pure knowledge -profound though it may be- or “mastering” of both the target-language and the source-language. Besides the requisite knowledge background, translating from one language code into another is an interlinguistic kadinskycard014skill which presupposes rich linguistic experience, along with profound theoretical formation in the science of translation.

In Lingua Phr@sis, we consider our texts to be translated as independent linguistic “entities” going through a linguistic transformation under the target-language’s laws; in concern of attaining their core purpose, either informative or communicative, translated documents should remain independent after each translator’s mediation while entering a newly acquired sociolinguistic code.

Our translation deontology conception as presented above, regardless of the material to be processed and translated, forms the standard criteria on which our collaborators’ choice relies.



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