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Dictionaries & Our translation library

Our dictionaries & translation library

P5120058_640x480In Lingua Phrasis, we dispose of a wide range of dictionaries in both printed and electronic form (bilingual, monolingual, etc.), which are characterized by their scientific high standard and are a reference point for the majority of scientific and academic institutions not only in Greece, but also abroad (for example, the Dictionary of Modern Greek by the Triantafilides Foundation, the Oxford Dictionaries, the Hachette-Oxford bilingual dictionaries).

Besides general purpose dictionaries, we also have many specialized dictionaries in specific scientific fields (medical dictionaries, legal dictionaries, dictionaries of technology and Sciences, dictionaries of Economy, dictionaries of terms of Psychology, theatrical dictionaries), as well as dictionaries of different language registers (for instance, the Lexicon of Idioms and Slang).  

Our Translator’s Library is enriched with theoretic books on the science of Translation and on Linguistics (amongst others, the famous Cambridge Companion to Saussure by Carol Sanders); yet, we also have many encyclopedias of both general and specialized topics, such as dictionaries of Philosophy, Ancient Greek & Latin writers, a multilingual encyclopedia of World Literature.  

During translation, proofreading, editing and every form of linguistic process, our agency also keeps in archive a terminology file of all projects we undertake, which is constantly enriched with new documentation material and forms to us a many-faceted reference point, given that it covers several thematic areas.  

Furthermore, other than our dictionaries and our translation library, we also make use of various remarkable dictionaries available online, a collection of which you may consult by clicking the Useful Links tab in our website.  


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