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Text translation:

The method we opt for during any text’s translation process (where “text” is perceived as the totality of the linguistic “entity” to be translated, regardless of its type or size) comprises of the following steps:

  1. Recognition of the text’s communicative purpose
  2. Lexical processing (in terms of superficial and deep linguistic structures) of the material to be translated
  3. Translation transformation of the text and linguistic adjustment within all levels (lexical, syntactic, semantic and sociolinguistic) of the new language reception environment  
  4. Editing and proofreading of the translated text’s new linguistic form, documentation of its content and verification that the communication purpose of the initial text has been fulfilled


Proofreading / editing of an original or a translated text: 

Proofreading in that case concerns primarily the text’s purely philological processing within terms of lexical normalization, expression and phrasing elaboration, editing of spelling, syntax and semantics. In a second editing stage, we conduct the so-called typographic editing, which concerns mostly formalities of syllabification and form structures.



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