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Documents' Translation

Our translation agency undertakes translation of your documents from and into the Greek language, as well as translation projects that involve several language combinations, covering most European and Balkan languages, Turkish & Arabic.  We also provide to our clients the possibility of conducting translation projects in more than one language combination. 

Our working languages are: modern Greek, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, ancient Greek, Latin and Balkan languages. You may get an idea of our translation processing methods  here.


Websites' Translation

Translating your company’s website or services and products available through your personal blog into other languages is indispensable for your company’s introduction, presentation and promotion into the global market.  Most Greek websites are translated into English, given the wide use of this particular language in all countries’ markets and official institutions.  Besides English, we can suggest translating your website into other European languages of worldwide caliber such as French, German or Italian, in a moderate and affordable price which will also include proofreading and editing of your website’s original language.


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